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The Astrophysics Research Centre is one of Queen's University's leading research clusters encompassing both observational and theoretical astrophysics. We hold substantial grant funding from the UK's STFC, EPSRC, the Royal Society, the Leverhulme Trust and EU funding through the European Research Council and FP7.

We are partners in major international partnerships including Pan-STARRS1, the Next Generation Transit Survey, HARPS-N, and EUCLID. ARC staff built and operate the ROSA high-cadence imager, the SuperWASP transit facility and we now lead one of ESO's public surveys, PESSTO.

In recent years ARC staff have been awarded with the RAS Group Prize, an ERC Advanced Grant, a Royal Society research fellowship, and election to the Royal Irish Academy. We are part of the Queen's Foundation 5-year fundraising campaign.

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