Wiki login credentials

All members of ARC will be issued with accounts on the wiki server. These are, sadly, distinct from those on the old wiki server (habu), but at least are used for the ARC AppleShares and will be used for any future developments which can talk to a standard LDAP server.

Rather than use staff or student numbers, or the old-style 'initials' logins, I've decided to base usernames on QUB email addresses, which are at least going to be memorable. Here are a few samples:

  • logs in as rryans
  • logs in as cawatson
  • logs in as tommillar
  • logs in as hcegla
  • logs in as amclaughlin

​​So, if you're staff then you just remove the periods from the email prefix; if you're a student then drop the serial number. When we get a clash I'll make something up at the time!

Default passwords will be communicated privately, and you can change your password on this form when connected to the ARC LAN.

Passwords must follow these (utterly evil) criteria:

  • Minimum length: 12
  • Minimum number of lowercase characters: 1
  • Minimum number of uppercase characters: 1
  • Minimum number of digits: 1
  • Minimum number of special characters: 1
  • Your new password may not be the same as your old password

So something like ThisNew!!%%SystemBl0ws would be fine. Just not that exact one.

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