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Date Speaker Title
2013 Jun 19 Darryl Wright (QUB) Machine Learning for Transient Detection
2013 Jun 12 Nic Walton (IoA) Gaia: Mapping the Milky Way
2013 May 22 Prof. Brad Gibson (UCLAN) Spirals with Supercomputers: Have We Finally Got it Right?
2013 May 15 Ting-wan Chen (QUB) Giant supernovae in dwarf hosts
2013 May 08 Dr. Phil Best (ROE) The nature and evolution of star-forming galaxies across cosmic time
2013 Apr 24 Alan McLoughlin (QUB) Modelling Protoplanetary disks with UDfA Rate12
2013 Apr 17 Dr. Ryan Milligan (QUB) New Insights Into the Global Properties of Solar Flares Using SDO/EVE
2013 Apr 10 Dr. Pedro Lacerda (QUB) Tales of two comets… and chance
2013 Mar 27 Prof. Serena Viti The origin and nature of molecular emission in galactic and extragalactic star forming regions
2013 Mar 20 Ev McLoughlin (QUB) Searching for asteroid collisions with Pan-STARRS 1
2013 Mar 06 David Kuridze (QUB) Waves and oscillations in chromospheric fine structures
2013 Feb 20 Dr. John Magorrian (Uni. of Oxford) The centre of M31
2013 Feb 13 Peter Keys (QUB) Small Scale Magnetic Transients
2013 Feb 04 Dr. Wolfgang Kerzendorf (U. Toronto) The progenitors of type Ia supernovae
2012 Nov 28 Dr. Chiaki Kobayashi (Herts.) The origin of elements and evolution of galaxies
2012 Nov 21 Dr. Cosimo Inserra (QUB) Ultra-Luminous type Ic Supernovae
2012 Nov 14 Rev. Dr. Jason Spyromilio (ESO) The history of type Ia supernova cosmology
2012 Nov 07 Heather Cegla (QUB) Towards Earth-like Worlds: Identifying and Removing Astrophysical Noise.
2012 Oct 31 Dr. Daniel Mortlock (Imperial College London) Searching for z~7 quasars in UKIDSS
2012 Oct 24 Dr. Morgan Fraser (QUB) Supernovae and their progenitors
2012 Oct 17 John Burton (QUB) z'-band ground-based detection of the secondary eclipse of WASP-19b
2012 Oct 10 Dr. Nicolas Labrosse (Glasgow University) Plasma diagnostic in eruptive prominences
2012 Oct 08 Dr. Leslie Sage How to publish a paper in Nature
2012 Oct 03 Dr. Kanti Aggarwal (QUB) Atomic data for analysis of fusion plasmas
2012 Jun 13 Prof. Melvin Hoare (Leeds Uni.) Galactic plane surveys for massive star formation
2012 May 23 Dr. Lyndsay Fletcher (U. Glasgow) Solar Flares and Particle Acceleration
2012 Apr 26 Dr. Cristina Popescu (UCLAN) Radiation Transfer modelling of spiral galaxies
2012 Mar 20 Prof. David Jewitt (UCLA) Three Freaks of the Solar System (And Why They Matter)
2012 Mar 7 Prof. Alan Harris (DLR-Berlin) NEOShield: A Global Approach to Near-Earth Object Impact Threat Mitigation
2012 Feb 27 D. Banerjee (Leuven) Propagating Disturbances in open and closed magnetic structures of the Sun
2012 Feb 22 Dr. Phil James (LJMU) Core collapse supernovae and high-mass star formation
2012 Feb 2 Dr. Luca Fossati (OU) HST observations of the transiting exoplanet WASP­12b: one more way to drive astronomers mad
2011 Dec 7 Dr. Mikako Matsuura (UCL) Spitzer and Herschel studies of the lifecycle of dust in the Magellanic Clouds
2011 Nov 2 Dr. Phil Marshall (Oxford) Measuring Distances with Gravitational Lenses
2011 Oct 25 Dr. Jason Spyromilio (ESO) The European Extremely Large telescope
2011 Aug 4 Dr. Rob Jedicke (IfA, Hawaii) Earth's Natural Satellites
2011 Jun 3 Dr. Ines Brot (Uni. Vienna) Simulating Populations of Rotationally Mixed Stars: Theory vs Observations
2011 Apr 6 Prof. Kresimir Pavlovski (Uni. of Zagreb) Chemical evolution of high-mass stars in close binary systems
2011 Mar 23 Dr. Dirk Froebrich (UKC) UWISH2 - The UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2
2011 Feb 2 Prof. Vik Dhillon (Sheffield) POSTPONED
2011 Jan 19 Dr. Sarah Matthews (MSSL) POSTPONED
2010 Dec 8 Dr. Roberto Trotta (Imperial College London) Recent advances in cosmological model selection
2010 Nov 18 Prof. Nial Tanvir (Leicester) Exploring early stars and galaxies via gamma-ray bursts
2010 Nov 15 Prof. Dermott Mullan (Delaware) Modelling low-mass stars in the presence of magnetic fields
2010 Oct 28 Dr. David Bersier (LJMU) The ever-increasing diversity of supernovae associated with GRBs
2010 Oct 13 Dr. Simon Driver (St. Andrews) Galaxy And Mass Assembly
2010 Jul 29 Dr. Stuart Sim (MPA, Garching) Modelling Type Ia supernovae… and the Third Way
2010 May 19 Dr. Tom Maccarone (Southampton) Black holes and neutron stars in globular clusters
2010 Apr 28 Dr. Ettore Pedretti (SUPA) Still working on the "fringe"?
2010 Mar 24 Dr Duncan Mackay (St Andrews) A New Global Magnetic Field Model for the sun's Large Scale magnetic Field.
2010 Mar 10 Dr. Gijs Nelemans (Radboud Uni. Nijmegen) Supernova progenitors: the use of archival X-ray data
2010 Jan 27 Dr Simon Goodwin (University of Sheffield) Star cluster formation
2009 Dec 17 Prof. Eric Priest (St. Andrews) Our Surprising Sun (Larmor Lecture)
2009 Dec 9 Dr Ken Rice (ROE)
2009 Nov 4 Dr Maurizio Salaris (LJMU) No longer simple: The multiple stellar populations in globular clusters
2009 Oct 7 Dr Andy Bunker (Oxford) The first billion years of history: star formation at z>5
2009 Sep 30 Dr Tim Young (U. N. Dakota) Supernova Simulations and a new model for type II Linears
2009 Sep 9 Dr Rachel Stevenson (UCLA) The Spectacular Outburst of Comet 17P/Holmes
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