Research fellowships

We encourage researchers to apply for fellowships to be held in ARC. We welcome all enquiries from astronomers interested in performing research programmes complimentary to those in ARC.

Queen's University will support applications for senior fellowships (STFC ERFs, RS URFs) by offering a PhD studentship to successful applicants. In addition ARC will consider guaranteeing funding for equipment to supplement that available in a fellowship (e.g. specialist computing equipment).

STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowships 2016/17

The Astrophysics Research Centre will host two applications for the STFC Ernest Rutherford Fellowship scheme. Potential applicants should first contact a member of Academic staff to discuss their interest and submit a brief pre-application to the Centre's selection committee that will review requests. The deadline for submission of these pre-applications is Friday Aug. 19th 2016. Candidates should submit a brief CV (about 2 pages) and a short (max 1-3 pages) research proposal outline. Candidates will be informed by the 23rd August2016 after if they have been selected for support (STFC have published the guidelines for departmental selection. Note that all institutes in the UK will not put pressure on candidates to accept an offer of a host before 25th August, and we will also abide by this). To submit applications, send PDFs to the Director of ARC, Prof. Stephen Smartt ( on or before Friday Aug. 19th 2016.

The deadline for the submission of proposals to STFC will be 22nd September 2016 at 4pm, however complete applications will be needed about 1 week in advance in order for financial costings etc to be checked.

Royal Society University Research Fellowships 2016/17

The School of Maths and Physics has attracted several successful URF applicants over the last number of years. ARC welcomes interest from potential candidates. Details of the URF are available here.

The deadline for submission of applications to the Royal Society is Monday 5th September 2016.

In all instances, potential applicants should contact both a staff member (the most relevant to their research area) and Prof. Stephen Smartt (Director of ARC). As for the STFC ERFS, a brief CV (about 2 pages) and a short (max 1-3 pages) research proposal outline should be submitted. After reviewing this material, we will notify applicants if we are prepared to support their application as the prospective host institution. After this review, candidates will be given instructions and deadlines for the grant submission. As the deadline for final submission to the Royal Society is Monday 5th September 2016, we request applicants contact us by Tuesday 23rd Aug. 2016 The University Research Support office will also need to do the financial costing, hence this ~2 week period between Aug 21st and September 5th is essential for the grant preparation work.

Royal Astronomical Society Research Fellowships 2017 **TO BE UPDATED**

The Astrophysics Research Centre will host a small number of applications for the RAS Research fellowships in 2016.

From the RAS page, the guidelines for the 2016 fellowships were : “The fellowships are offered to outstanding candidates to enable them to pursue research in the UK in the disciplines advanced by the RAS i.e. astronomy, solar system science, geophysics and closely related branches of these sciences. Applicants must have been awarded their PhD between 1 October 2011 and 1 October 2016. Only one RAS Research Fellowship may be held in the same university at any one time. The deadline for applications is 23:59 (BST), 16 October 2015. We expect to make offers for both positions by 5 February 2016.”

Potential applicants should first contact a member of Academic staff to discuss whether or not they would be suitable applicants. The deadline for applications to the RAS is 23:59 (BST), 16 October 2015.

Anyone wishing to be considered for this scheme should make contact with an ARC staff member to organise their application as soon as possible and get formal approval to submit the application from the Director of ARC by 1st October 2015.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships 2015 **TO BE UPDATED FOR 2016**

The call for MSC Individual Fellowships is open, with a deadline of 10th September 2015 at 17:00 (CET). Further details on this Horizon 2020 scheme are available here.

We welcome applicants from EU member states to apply for a fellowship here. The application portal and documentation is linked here. .

Candidates should contact a member of ARC staff, ideally by 21st August 2015 to develop their applications. Support for the application process from the EU office at Queen's will be available.

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