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Aims of the Solar-C meeting on Friday September 18th, 2015

From Yukio Katsukawa, Hinode Science Center.

The Solar-C proposal was submitted to ISAS/JAXA in February 2015, aiming for the first launch of the ISAS/JAXA strategic medium-size (large) mission, simultaneously with the EPIC proposal submitted to ESA in January 2015. The both proposals got very good evaluations, but unfortunately the tide turned, and they got stuck at the first selection processes.

The SOLAR-C is still in a slightly prioritized position aiming for the second launch scheduled to be in JFY2024-25, and in order to consolidate this advantage, the Solar-C working group (WG) has to set up the best finely-honed Solar-C mission, namely, with the minimal total cost and with more feasible international contributions, by minimally sacrificing our science goals.

One of the critical points emerged in the mission definition review (MDR) process was that the SOLAR-C proposal only described the case of the successful international collaborations, and no backup plans were studied, which actually became the reality. Besides, the current proposal is so gorgeous and cost-consuming as aiming to grasp all the parameter space of the observables. We need critical studies to achieve our scientific requirements of the mission with the minimal cost.

We have reached no firm conclusion on the minimal configuration of the entire Solar-C instrumentation yet, partly because we had no time to survey all the descope options. However, through the brainstorming in the meeting, we would like to reach a consensus how we should make up scientifically attractive SOLAR-C with the minimal cost.

We also think that synergetic observations and task shares with large ground-based facilities, such as DKIST and EST, and with the other space missions to be in orbit in the mid 2020es, such as SOLO, will be very crucial for SOLAR-C.

This-time Solar-C science meeting is, therefore, a kick-off meeting for the new-born Solar-C. We would ask for your continuous and positive support for the Solar-C mission once again.

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