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FP7 grant in Astrochemical Surface Science awarded

22 Feb 2010

Professor Tom Millar (Astrophysics Research Centre), Dr Tom Field and Professor Bob McCullough (Centre for Plasma Physics) were recently awarded over 400k euros from the EU as part of an international collaboration to create an International Training Network under the FP7 programme. The ITN, called LASSIE (Laboratory Astrochemical Surface Science in Europe), has been awarded some 6.1m euros to address issues of relevance to the chemical evolution of the Universe.

From 01/02/2010 and over the next 4 years, a consortium of 13 experimental and theoretical groups with 5 industrial and 1 outreach partners, led by Professor Martin McCoustra (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK), will supply training and research opportunities for up to 28 Early Stage Researchers (ESR, PhD students) and 4 Experienced Researchers (ER, Post-doctoral research assistants).

Professor Millar will appoint an ESR to develop chemical and physical models of protoplanetary disks around young stars through incorporation of new laboratory data, some of which will be provided by Dr Field, as well as make predictions for observations using the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre Array) facility in Chile.

This experimental project, led by Dr Tom Field, will investigate irradiation of astrophysical ice analogues by singly and multiply charged ion analogues of cosmic rays, Analogous electron and UV irradiation experiments will be performed in collaboration with the Open University.

Individuals interested in applying for either of these posts should contact Tom.Millar@qub.ac.uk or T.Field@qub.ac.uk

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