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RISE2 commissioned at Aristarchos Telescope in Greece

7 July 2010

The second incarnation of the Rapid Imager to Search for Exoplanets (RISE) has been recently been commissioned on the Aristarchos telescope at the Helmos Observatory, Greece.

RISE2 is capable of fast readout of data; the minimum exposure time is 0.8 seconds, resulting in very high cadence photometry with no chip readout overhead. This is particularly suited to transit timing variations (TTV) of exoplanets where the timing of each image is important. The field of view has been measured at approximately 10 arcminutes which provides a wide field for the accurate comparison photometry required to measure the small transit depths of exoplanets.

The CCD head was provided by Andor and is a DV435 frame transfer device. The instrument was designed and build in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University, while the software was developed at Queen’s University Belfast.

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