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ISS flyby over Queen's

Look carefully at the photo of the main Queen's University (Lanyon) Building. Can you see a star to the right of the central tower? It's not a star, it's not Jupiter, nor is it a bad pixel. It's the International Space Station. For the skeptical, check out this video on YouTube (and note that this video needs to be played in full-screen mode).

The photo (and the associated video) was taken by Astrophysics PhD student Ting-Wan Chen on 26th October 2011. It was visible for about 6 minutes (through partially cloudy skies). The peak apparent magnitude of ISS that evening was -2.8 (similar to that of Jupiter at the time).

For more details of when ISS is due to overfly Belfast, see the Heavens Above or SpaceWeather.com websites.

Photo details:

  • Taken with a Canon IXUS 300 HS digital camera
  • 1/15 second at f2, ISO 1600

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