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ARC Director presents invited talk at ESO@50

3 September 2012

This week astronomers from all over the world have been gathering in the Bavarian city of Garching for ESO@50, a five day workshop marking the 50th anniversary of the European Southern Observatory.

Created in 1962 and with its headquarters in Garching, the ESO provides astronomers with high-tech facilities to view the southern sky and has been the driving force behind the creation of some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated telescopes. Among ESO's many contributions to science and discovery was the capture in 2004 of the first ever picture of an exo-planet, a planet far outside our own solar system, orbiting a distant star.

The workshop will feature a range of invited speakers who will reflect on the most significant areas where ESO has contributed to scientific knowledge, review the present state of those areas and look ahead towards the issues that will dominate ESO’s work over the next ten years.

Among the guest speakers at the conference is the Director of the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen's, Professor Stephen Smartt, who will be presenting an invited talk at 1.30pm on Tuesday 4 September 2012 entitled "Supernova science and what’s next for ESO".

Prof. Tim de Zeeuw (Director General of ESO) introduces Prof. Smartt at the ESO@50 conference

Videos for individual talks at the conference, including Stephen Smartt's, have been posted on the ESO website. In addition, ESO has released a movie to celebrate the occasion. Titled Europe to the Stars, it will be screened at the conference and is available to purchase from the ESO shop.

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