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Professor Smartt honoured with Taiwan lectureship award

14 November 2012

Professor Stephen Smartt, Director of the Astrophysics Research Centre at Queen’s has just returned from a 10 day visit to Taiwan in November 2012, where he was honoured with the NCU-Delta International Young Astronomer Lectureship Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Astrophysics.

Sponsored by Taiwanese corporation Delta Electronics, the award was established in 2012 and will be presented to two recipients under the age of 45 each year for their excellence in research in the field of Astrophysics. National Central University, Taiwan and Delta Electronics aim to contribute to the flourishing of Astronomy and Astrophysics in the region by inviting scholars with proven track records in academic leadership to Taiwan to forge links between local astronomers and the wider international community.

Stephen receiving his award from his award from Delta Electronics founder Bruce Cheng.

As part of his tour, Stephen presented a talk on 2nd November 2012 at the National Central University’s Graduate Institute of Astronomy, titled “The Progenitors of Core-collapse Supernova”. This talk focused on his work with the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response Project (Pan-Starrs), a project that features both QUB and NCU among its ten members.

Stephen with Bruce Cheng and the Delta Electronics excutives at the presentation, accompanied by Prof. Chung-Ming Ko, and Prof. Wing Ip (from NCU)

The award is also aimed at inspiring the next generation of Astrophysicists in Taiwan and the second lecture of his tour saw Stephen visit National Taichung First Senior High School on 3rd November 2012 to talk about “Supernovae-hunting exploding stars”.

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