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ARC astronomer provides ESO "Picture of the Week"

20 May 2013

The majesty of the night sky over Chile inspires many astronomers when they work at the observatories there.

A picture by Professor Alan Fitzsimmons in the Astrophysics Research Centre, taken while using telescopes at the European Southern Observatory on La Silla, has been chosen as Picture of the Week by the observatory.

Professor Fitzsimmons explained "I had a spare night on the mountain top before returning back to Europe, and took a beak from work to go outside and watch the Milky Way setting over the Pacific. I had my camera with me on that trip, and decided to try and capture the mood."

At the time Professor Fitzsimmons was using the New Technology Telescope on La Silla to study near-Earth asteroids. Astronomers from Queen's regularly use the ESO telescopes in Chile. As well as the ones on La Silla, they also use the Very Large Telescope (VLT) on Cerro Paranal some 495km (310 miles) further North, and the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) on the Chajnantor plateau at 5000 metres altitude.

The picture is below, and can be seen along with other amazing pictures of the week at the ESO website.

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