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The Michael West public lectures

The Michael West public lecture series is aimed at bringing world leading scientists to Belfast to give the public, students, and school children the chance to hear the latest on frontier research. We have had talks on supermassive black holes, killer asteroids, our Sun and the physics of the speed of light.

The talks are written for the general public and as such are suitable for everyone from teenagers to senior citizens. Talks are normally 45-50 minutes in length, illustrated with many pictures and/or videos, and there is normally a short Q&A session afterwards.

The Michael West lecture series is presented in association with the Irish Astronomical Association

Here are some stats from past lectures

Click here to read about past talks given in this series.

IAA Lecture Programme

We host the bi-monthly meetings of the Irish Astronomical Association. This is a lecture programme aimed at promoting public understanding of astronomy and enthusing young people with the wonder of the night sky. We have a rota of ARC members who will attend each meeting to make sure things run smoothly.

Several of the IAA public lectures have been given by ARC scientists. Here are a few examples:

  • "The Small Bodies of the Outer Solar System", Dr. Pedro Lacerda. 2 Dec 2009
  • "The 2008 outburst of Comet Holmes - what happened?", Prof. Alan Fitzsimmons. 22 Sep 2010
  • "The Next Generation Exoplanet surveys: Super-Earths in the habitable zones of late type stars", Dr. Don Pollacco. 20 Oct 2010
  • "Extreme Objects in Our Solar System", Dr. Pedro Lacerda. 23 Feb 2011
  • "A Day in the Life of Our Sun", Dr. David Jess. 9 Mar 2011
  • "Exploring the current Solar Cycle", Dr. Ryan Milligan. 14 Dec 2011
  • "Astronomy with the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope", Prof. Stephen Smartt. 11 Jan 2012
  • "Understanding Supernovae: How to Blow up a Star", Dr Stuart Sim. 08 Jan 2014
  • "Solar Physics Beyond 2013: New Tricks to Tackle Old Problems", Dr David Jess. 05 Feb 2014
  • "Rosetta at comet 67P/Curyumov-Gersmienko", Prof. Alan Fitzsimmons. 21 Jan 2015

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