Previous seminars 2014

Date Speaker Title
2013 Oct 02 Dr. Vivenne Wild (St. Andrews) The evolution of starburst galaxies
2013 Oct 09 QUB 'elf' 'n safety No seminar: safety talks for new recruits
2013 Oct 16 Dr. Vasco Henriques (QUB) Unravelling the structure of the penumbra of sunspots and other small scale mysteries
2013 Oct 23 Dr. Cosimo Inserra (QUB) A Tale of Super Luminous Supernovae and a winding road to the future
2013 Oct 30 Dr. Penny Wu (Delaware/ QUB) TBD **postponed**
2013 Nov 06 Mattia Bulla (QUB) A high resolution spectroscopic study of the recurrent nova RS Oph and its link to Type Ia Supernova progenitors
2013 Nov 20 Matt Nicholl (QUB) Superluminous supernovae
2013 Nov 27 Emma Reilly (QUB) The geometry of the extraordinary SN 2009ip
2013 Dec. 04 Dr. Matt Burleigh (Leics.) postponed to next term
2013 Dec 11 (15h Bell LT) Prof. Max Pettini (IoA) Near-pristine gas at intermediate redshifts: a window on early nucleosynthesis
2013 Dec. 18 Dr. Robert Ryans (QUB) Sci-fi weapons talk Mark 42. Armour. Shields. Explosions. Are Scots are the toughest people in the Galaxy???”
2014 Jan 22 CANCELLED Prof. Katherine Blundell (Oxford) Modes of mass-loss in micro quasars: black holes & spin offs
Friday 2014 Jan 24 BLT Dr. Dimitri Veras (Warwick University) The Fate of Exoplanetary Systems and the Consequences for White Dwarf Pollution
2014 Jan 29 Dr. Richard Stancliffe (Bonn) Modelling carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars
2014 Feb 19 Dr. Catherine Heymans (IfA) Observing the Dark Universe with the CFHT Lensing Survey
2014 Feb 26 Michael Kennedy (QUB) Observations and Modelling of an X-class Solar Flare
2014 Mar 05 Colin Hill (QUB) Cataclysmic variables and magnetic activity: Differential rotation of AE Aqr
2014 Mar 27 Catherine McEvoy (QUB) Something on ISM / BSGs?
2014 Apr 02 Dr. Louise Harra (MSSL) Exploring activity on the Sun
2014 Apr 09 Ryan Brothwell (QUB) A Window on Exoplanet Dynamical Histories: Rossiter-McLaughlin Observations of three WASP systems
2014 Apr 30 Reville (QUB) TBD
2014 May 07 Dr. Paul Woods (QUB) SAGE-Spec: Digging deep into the dust of the LMC
2014 May 20 Darry Wright (QUB) Machine Learning for transient recognition in Pan-STARRS1 difference imaging
2014 May 28 N.B. 15h DB/0G/005 Dr. Yvonne Unruh (Imperial College London) Solar and Stellar Irradiance Variability
2014 Jun 04 Elisabeth Gall (QUB) The Expanding Photosphere Method at High Redshifts
2014 Jun 11 Rebecca Hewitt (QUB) Plasma properties and Stokes profiles during the lifetime of magnetic bright points
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