Date Speaker Title
2014 Sep. 03 Prof. Martin Ward (Durham) The Spectral Energy Distributions of Active Galaxies: implications of fitting a new model
N.B. Fri. 2014 Sep. 05 10h Dr. Spiro Antiochos (NASA) The genesis and development of major solar eruptions
N.B. 14h. IRCEP Sem. Rm. 2014 Sep. 24 Prof. Carole Mundell (LJMU) The Transient Explosive Universe
2014 Oct. 01 Dr. Bob O'Dell (Vanderbilt) Creation of the Hubble Space Telescope
2014 Oct. 15 14hDr. Vasily Belokurov (IoA, Cambridge) The Galaxy is Shrinking!
2014 Oct. 22 No seminar Michael West lecture
2014 Nov. 11 12h IRCEP sem. rm. Prof. Ewine van Dishoek (Sterrewacht Leiden / MPE Garching) Water in space: from interstellar clouds to planets
2014 Dec. 03 Samuel GrantSausages: How breakfast meat could explain the greatest mystery in Solar Physics
2014 Dec. 10 Prof. Gary Ferland (Uni. of Kentucky) Optical filaments in cool - core clusters of galaxies
2015 Jan. 14 Dr. Els Peeters (Uni. of Western Ontario) PAH emission in the reflection nebula NGC2023
2015 Jan. 21 IOP talk Prof. Jeff Neaton (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Ab Initio Studies of Charge Transport, Spectroscopy, and Energy Conversion in Nanostructured Materials
2015 Jan. 21 14h Dr. Juliet Datson (Turku/QUB) A spectroscopic study of solar twins and analogues
2015 Jan. 28 Dr. Krishna Prasad (QUB) Periodic propagating features on the Sun: waves or flows?
2015 Feb. 04 Dr. Ben Davies (LJMU) Red supergiant stuff
2015 Feb. 11 Dr. Tomoko Kawate (QUB) Imaging and spectral studies of solar white light flares
2015 Feb. 18 Dr. Andrew Jaffe (Imperial College London) Planck Probes the Standard Model(s)
2015 Feb. 25 Andrew McNeill (QUB) Study of asteroid rotation in the main belt from sparse light curve sampling
2015 Mar. 04 Prof. Alan Harris (DLR) Asteroid Impacts and Modern Civilisation - Can we prevent a catastrophe?
2015 Mar. 11 IOP talk Prof. Ken Ganga (Labo. APC, Paris) The Cosmic Microwave Background and Results from the Planck satellite
2015 Mar. 18 Dr. Ernst de Mooij (QUB) Characterising the atmospheres of exoplanets
2015 Mar. 26 Thurs. 15h Prof. Ismael Martel (Uni. of Huelva) Nuclear reactions with exotic nuclei at University of Huelva
2015 Apr. 01-15 Easter break Easter break
2015 Apr. 29 Dr. Elena-Andra Muntean (QUB) Erosion of oxygen ice by low energy ion sputtering
2015 May 06 Prof. Bob Nichol (Portsmouth) Dark Energy Survey: First Results
2015 May 13 Dr. Timothy Davis (Herts.) New life in dead galaxies: star formation, the IMF and black holes
2015 May 27 Dr. Ralf Napiwotzki (Herts.) Stellar populations in the Magellanic Bridge
2015 Jun. 03 Dr. Robin Williams (AWE) Partial LTE: populations and turbulence
2015 Jun. 10 Giacomo Tererran (Padova/QUB) Hydrogen-rich core-collapse supernovae and beyond
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