ARC seminar programme

The ARC seminars are held on Wednesdays between 4 and 5pm in DBB/0G/005 (unless stated otherwise), with refreshments available from 3.45pm-ish. For further information contact Dr. Rubina Kotak at

Seminar abstracts are available for the most recent talks.

Upcoming seminars

Date Speaker Title
2015 Sep. 09 Dr. Takashi Moriya (Bonn) Superluminous supernovae: 56Ni vs magnetars
2015 Sep. 17 (N.B. Thurs. 15h) Dr. Stuart Ryder (AAO) The AAO 5 years after
2015 Oct. 07 Lisa Esteves (Uni. of Toronto) Changing Phases of Kepler Exoplanets: Evidence for Clouds and Winds
2015 Oct. 14 Prof. Justin Read (Surrey) Near-field cosmology at the edge of galaxy formation
2015 Oct. 21 Luke Shingles (QUB) Neutron-capture nucleosynthesis and the Chemical Evolution of Globular Clusters
2015 Oct. 28 Mikael Normann (QUB) ASASSN-14ha, a Faint Type II SN
2015 Nov. 04 Dr. Daisuke Kawata (MSSL) Spiral Arm Paradigm in Disk Galaxies
2015 Nov. 11 Andrew Thompson (QUB) Can a GP Help your Spot Problem? Bayesian Inference for Stellar Activity Modeling
2015 Nov. 18 Dr. Paul Woods (QUB) Organic molecules in space and the laboratory
2015 Nov. 25 Dr. Caroline d'Angelo (Sterrewacht Leiden) Understanding magnetically-channelled accretion using faint accreting neutron stars
2015 Dec. 02 Mark Magee (QUB) Do SNe Iax result from thermonuclear deflagrations? Observations of a new member of the class
2015 Dec. 09 S. Krishna Prasad (QUB) Spatially resolved coronal magnetic fields obtained from omnipresent sunspot waves
2016 Jan. 25 Professor Michael Burton (University of New South Wales) Carbon in Molecular Clouds - probing the dark molecular gas of the Galactic Plane.
2016 Jan. 27 Dr. Matthew Kenworthy A Transiting Extrasolar Ring System around the Substellar Companion J1407b
2016 Feb. 10 Stephen Durkan (QUB) High Contrast Imaging with Spitzer
2016 Feb. 17 Dr. Stephan Geier (Warwick) Hot subdwarf stars and their connection to thermonuclear supernovae
2016 Feb. 24 Aaron Reid (QUB) Ellerman Bombs in the Solar Photosphere
2016 Mar. 09 Dr. Matthew Knight (University of Maryland) Insights from 20 Years of SOHO Comets
2016 Mar. 16 Dr. David Kuridze (QUB) Are the chromospheric fine structures holding the key to solar atmospheric heating ?
2016 Mar. 23 Dr. Manda Banerji (IoA) The hunt for quasars in wide-field surveys: Understanding the formation of supermassive black holes
2016 Mar. 30 Easter break Easter break
2016 Apr. 06 Dr. Alexandra Kozyreva (Keele) Fast evolving pair-instability supernovae
2016 Apr. 13 Dr. Marc Sarzi (Herts) From the beginning till the end: some news on the Initial Stellar Mass Function and on Planetary Nebulae with MUSE
2016 Apr. 27 Meabh Hyland (QUB) A photometric study of trans-Neptunian objects using Pan-STARRS 1
2016 May 04 Prof. Juergen Schmitt (Hamburg) Magnetic Activity of Cool Stars
2016 May 18 Dr. Aline Vidotto (Dublin, Asst. Prof.) Stellar magnetic activity and their effects on planetary environments
2016 Jun. 08 Dr. Karen Masters (Ports.) postponed
2016 Jun. 15 Dr. Nikolay Nikolov (Exeter) Atmospheric characterization of hot-Jupiter exoplanets
2016 Jun. 29 Dr. Mike Kelley (University of Maryland) Comet Dust and the Interstellar Medium Connection
2016 Sep. 28 Dr. Ondreij Pejcha (Princeton University) tbd

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Ciaran Prunty visit Friday 3rd June

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