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ROSA observations

A list of logs from previous observing runs to ROSA. Within these logs there will be (given it was recorded at the time):

  • Filters used
  • Exposure times of cameras
  • Features observed
  • Telescope pointing
  • Start and Finish times
  • Times for Darks, Flat fields, AF targets, Line grids and Dot grids
  • General notes on the data (e.g. seeing deteriorated, clouds, flares in the data etc…)

These will be updated as I get the opportunity to convert the old observing logs from note form to pdf. Feel free to add pdf logs from previous observing runs to help this process and complete the archive.

September 2012 - Doyle

February 2012 - MM/DBJ/PHK

December 2011 - Mackay

November 2010 - G. Doyle

November 2010 - MM/DBJ/PHK

Hard Drives Currently in Peter's Office

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