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 ====== ARC Seminar Abstracts ====== ====== ARC Seminar Abstracts ======
 +===Revealing the Evolution of Comet Nuclei with Ground Photometric Observations =====
 +** Dr Rosita Kokotanekova** (ESO)- ARC Seminar Wednesday 12 December 2018 3 pm
 +The complex nature of comets has earned them a spot among the most interesting objects in the Solar System. Comets are believed to still preserve information about the physical conditions in the protoplanetary disk. At the same time, they also bear signatures of the epoch of planetary migration ~4 billion years ago, of the time spent in the outer solar system, as well as of their recent activity. In the past three decades, a great progress in untangling the intricate history of comets has come from the in-situ studies during a series of space missions which culminated with the Rosetta mission between 2014 and 2016. However, with no plans for space missions to further comets in the next couple of decades, we have to rely more heavily on telescope observations to reveal new clues on the unanswered questions in cometary science. ​
 +In this talk, I will present results from our effort to study Jupiter-family comet nuclei and their source populations in the Centaur region and the Kuiper Belt from the ground. This work has demonstrated that photometric observations of the rotation and surface properties of comet nuclei can be key for understanding their evolution.
 ===Internal Gravity Waves in Massive Stars ===== ===Internal Gravity Waves in Massive Stars =====
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