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Spectra of supernovae during the photospheric phase

3.1 Introduction

3.2 The photospheric phase

3.2.1 Concept of the photosphere

3.2.2 Photospheres in supernovae

3.3 Formation of spectral features

3.3.1 Absorption, scattering and emission processes in expanding atmospheres

3.3.2 The Sobolev approximation for line opacity

3.3.2 Resonance scattering and the P Cygni line profile

3.3.3 Line blocking and fluorescence

3.3.4 Electron scattering line wings

3.4 Spectral modelling

3.4.1 Considerations and challenges

3.4.2 Widely-used simplifications The "Core-halo" approximation Excitation/Ionization approximations Spherical symmetry Time-independence

3.5 Interpretation of spectral analyses

3.5.1 Line velocities

3.5.2 Spectral diagnostics

3.5.3 Composition stratification

3.5.4 Common issues and limitations

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