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The 5th SOLARNET summer school and workshop programme

Tentative lecture titles for the above schedule are:

  • Marcel Goossens - Waves in the solar atmosphere: a historical perspective
  • Robertus Erdélyi - Wave modes in the solar atmosphere
  • Penny Wu - Alfvénic turbulence
  • Sven Wedemeyer-Böhm - Solar science with ALMA and other radio telescopes
  • Oskar Steiner - MHD simulations
  • Inigo Arregui - Prominence seismology
  • Peter Keys - Ground-based facilities and reduction techniques
  • David Jess -Techniques for retrieving wave properties from observations
  • Hector Socas Navarro - Spectropolarimetric stokes inversions
  • Teimuraz Zaqarashvili - Rossby waves
  • James McLaughlin - Oscillatory reconnection
  • Ineke De Moortel - Waves and flows in the solar corona
  • Laurent Gizon - The solar interior and helioseismology
  • Tom Van Doorsselaere - Multi-stranded flux tubes and their effects on wave propagation

The schedule for the workshop is TBD.

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