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Linux Systems for MSci Projects


If you're reading this page then you're probably going to be undertaking an MSci project in Physics in the 2019/20 academic year. Everyone should be allocated a computer to use for the duration of their project - click here for the master list of machines and their location. Some of you will be using a Windows 10 systems system - these are configured mostly the same as those in the MPTC - and others (all Astrophysics students, some Physics) will be running Linux. These notes explain all you need to know about the Linux systems - or hopefully enough to get you started!

Whether or not you're familiar with Linux/Unix please read these instructions carefully - they detail the way we have set up our systems.

If you have queries after reading these documents, please email mp.support@qub.ac.uk.

General policies

  • All standard QUB IT policies apply.
  • These computers are allocated for individual students to support their MSci project work. They are not for general student use.
  • You should log off the computer every evening - updates are applied early each morning and these may trigger an automatic reboot.
  • If stepping away from the computer for a short time be sure to lock the screen.
  • Do not attempt to reboot, hibernate, or power down the machines.
  • Students (and academics) do not get administrative access. So sudo won't work.
  • We do not provide remote (network) access to any teaching system.
  • Do not consume food around the computers - use the kitchen facilities.
  • Drinks are OK if you're careful. Mouldy coffee cups, or discarded drinks bottles, aren't.
  • You must keep the workspace clean and free of clutter. Use the trashcans and recycling bins.

Things you need to learn to use

Document history

  • 2017-07-17 - Initial (incomplete) version
  • 2017-07-18 - Split into separate pages for readability
  • 2017-07-19 - Added AstroConda/IRAF/SPTABLES notes
  • 2018-06-01 - Updated for Fedora 28
  • 2019-08-27 - Updated for CentOS 7
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