Teaching systems & location

This is an initial listing of where I expect systems to end up. The Linux Astro systems are confirmed at this point - the others are more speculative at this time.

All systems are named after US States or Canadian Provinces 1) since that's more interesting than phys-msci-001.

System Name Location OS User
arizona Second floor, pod 5 Linux NJ Hartin
arkansas Second floor, pod 1 Linux AA Maye
connecticut Second floor, pod 6 Linux EB O'Coinn
delaware Second floor, pod 8 Linux GS Patton
iowa Second floor, pod 10 Linux EP McShane
minnesota Second floor, pod 3 Linux JR Gibson
nebraska Second floor, pod 1 Linux KL Skillen
newjersey Second floor, pod 2 Linux OG Pinkey
northcarolina Second floor, pod 4 Linux JH Gillanders
southcarolina Second floor, pod 9 Linux MD Fulton
southdakota Second floor, pod 10 Linux EM Magill
hawaii 02.039 Linux C Gilchrist-Millar
idaho 02.039 Linux CA Gibson
indiana 02.039 Linux A Dummigan
louisiana 02.039 Linux TAM Curran
maine 02.039 Linux JM Baines
massachusetts 02.039 Linux SM Matthews
missouri 02.039 Linux R Campbell
nevada 02.039 Linux T McElroy
oklahoma 02.039 Linux J McCleary
utah 02.039 Linux M Gordon
washington 02.039 Linux SG Neale
westvirginia 02.039 Linux FG Gruczynski
alaska 0G.040 Windows 10 AT McNaught
illinois 0G.040 Windows 10 D Corr
northdakota 0G.040 Windows 10 SK Britten
pennsylvania 0G.040 Windows 10 AV Andrews
montana 0G.040 Windows 10 VJ McCormick
newmexico 0G.040 Windows 10 M Devine
georgia 0G.040 Windows 10 EM Ferry
wisconsin 0G.041 Windows 10 DA Jamieson
wyoming 0G.041 Windows 10 E Magee
vermont 0G.041 Windows 10 RSD White
virginia 0G.041 Windows 10 RE Smith
manitoba 0G.041 Windows 10 J Robinson
quebec 0G.041 Windows 10 PM Gilmore
kansas 0G.041 Linux C McBride
saskatchewan 01.010 Linux C D McGivern
novascotia 01.010 Linux D J Marquess
maryland 01.010 Linux E Spence
newbrunswick 01.010 Windows 10 N Brady
ontario 01.010 Windows 10 B D Zhiglun
alberta 01.010 Windows 10 N Connor
britishcolumbia 01.010 Windows 10 B J Greenwood
oregon 01.010 Windows 10 C B Clarke
texas 01.010 Windows 10 J W Dale
newhampshire 01.010 Windows 10 L Conlon
tennessee 01.010 Windows 10 M W Hyndman
michigan 01.010 Windows 10 A Livingstone
rhodeisland 01.010 Windows 10 J P Mulvey
colorado 01.010 Windows 10 S McCallum
california 01.010 Windows 10 M R McMaster
ohio 01.010 Windows 10 C Hayes
florida 01.010 Windows 10 D Martin
newyork 01.010 Windows 10 T F McCaughery
kentucky 01.010 Windows 10 C D E McCurley
mississippi 01.010 Windows 10 F Morrison
1) Users are free to tastefully decorate their computer with the relevant state/province flags, or adopt relevant local accents, eh.
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