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Windows 10 systems

Most of the computers for students working in CPP/CNM will be running Windows 10 in a configuration similar to that used in the MPTC computer suites, so we expect you not to need much instruction in using them, but there are a few important items to be aware of.

User access

Access to the computers is via your student number and QOL password. You should only use the computer you are allocated - these are not general access systems like in the MPTC.

File space and backups

When you log in to one of the computers Windows will create a home directory for you. Unlike the MPTC systems this will not be deleted after 48 hours, but it is important that you understand that these files are not backed up and so the home directory (including the Documents and Desktop folders) should not be used for critical data. Use the Q Drive for important files, or OneDrive provided you understand its limitations.


All of the packages installed on the MPTC systems should be available except a few statistics packages (SAS, SPSS, Simul8) which are not relevant to Physics students. If additional software is required please let Robert Ryans or Malachy Montgomery know and we'll see what can be done.

Remote access

We do not provide remote (network) access to any undergraduate student machine.

Logging out and locking your screen

You should log out of the computers each evening as updates are installed overnight and these may trigger a system reboot. If stepping away from the computer briefly please remember to lock your screen for security.


Reprographics rooms are located on the ground and first floors in Main Physics. At present we do not charge students for their use, but printer use is monitored and abuse could lead to removal of this courtesy. Don't be the person who ruins things for everyone else.

Physical security

The physical security of the working areas depends on everyone playing their part. Close doors behind you, don't let strangers walk about unchallenged, and remember that thieves regularly target university buildings as easy pickings, Main Physics included.

General policies

All the general policies that apply to the Linux systems apply here too. In addition to the points above,

  • All standard QUB IT policies apply.
  • Do not consume food around the computers - use the kitchen facilities.
  • Drinks are OK if you're careful. Mouldy coffee cups, or discarded drinks bottles, aren't.
  • You must keep the workspace clean and free of clutter. Use the trashcans and recycling bins.
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