Peter Keys

I am a currently in a joint PDRA position with the Solar physics group in ARC at Queen's University Belfast and the Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Centre (SP2RC) at the University of Sheffield, spending time at both institutes during the year. I was awarded my Ph.D titled “The Dynamic Properties of Magnetic Bright Points” in July 2013 at Queen's having previously been awarded my Masters in Physics in Queen's in 2009. As well as the joint PDRA position, I am also the current ROSA instrument scientist with the task of giving general advice to those interested in taking observations with ROSA, aiding the acquisition of data for researchers at various institutes and reconstructing the acquired data using the ROSA pipeline. I maintain the reconstructed data on the ROSA cluster and frequently update the ROSA data archive to allow easier access for researchers at QUB to the location and quality of ROSA data sets acquired in previous observation campaigns.

My research thus far has been primarily centered on the properties of magnetic bright points (MBPs) in the solar atmosphere (both photospheric and chromospheric properties). I have characterised velocities induced through both the buffeting motion of granular cells and, to a lesser extent, due to the influence of solar vortices on the motion of MBPs as well as area distributions and MBP splits and mergers and the delays in velocity shifts between different layers of the solar atmosphere. The motions of these MBPs is important as they can induce magnetohydrodynamic waves through the solar atmosphere which can impart energy into the upper atmosphere and they have been linked to other phenomena such as micor-flares and Ellerman bombs. This research is primarily carried out using ROSA data and simulations generated using the MURaM code. Other work I have been involved with previously has been on the properties of solar flares.

I have been involved in numerous observation runs in the past at both the Swedish Solar Telescope (SST) in La Palma and the Dunn Solar Telescope (DST) in New Mexico.

Other information

Contact details

  • phone - +44 2890973239
  • office - F034 Main Physics building
  • address - Astrophysics Research Centre, Physics Building, School of Mathematics & Physics, Queen's University, Belfast, BT71NN, UK
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