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robert_4_way.jpgI'm employed as the senior systems manager within the School of Maths and Physics here at Queen's. My primary areas of responsibility are the Astrophysics Research Centre and the clerical staff in the Physics and School offices, though I often assist colleagues in the Plasma Physics and Nanostructured Media groups. I also do computer related purchasing for the school, which lets me do fun things like help set QUB policy on Mac and PC purchasing. One of the great things about the job is the variety of problems that I get to assist people with - it keeps my life interesting.

In a previous life I worked on nonLTE modelling of B-type stars with Philip Dufton, Carrie Trundle, and others within QUB. My major accomplishment was to create a massive generalised grid of TLUSTY model atmospheres and provide various easy to use IDL tools to interpolate between these to get abundances and spectra. A more recent project was to rewrite much of the functionality of Ian Howarth's classic package Dipso in IDL as a set of extensible, callable, procedures which I call procspec. Both are available to users within ARC and it's pleasant to see they're still of use.

I was also deeply involved with the design and construction of the computational side of the SuperWASP telescope and the ROSA solar imager. The latter especially resulted in what can only be called best. road-trip. ever.

I'm vaguely amused by my citation results - I have an h-index of 29 (26 since 2008) which some people think is a lot. Either I'm awesome, or this is an illustration of the limitations of simple statistics. Anyway, please keep writing papers with my name on.

The late Miss Buffy with her trusty Powerbook G3

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